13. Juni 2024

Gashi – Never Forget

Das Lied Never forget von Gashi gefällt mir sehr gut, weil es auf Englisch ist, ich mag den Künstler Gashi, die Stimme ist nicht sehr laut. Das Lied ist auch perfekt geeinigt dafür, wenn man mal einen schlechten Tag hat oder zockt. Dieses Lied gibt einem Mut, das ist auch das, was mich an diesem Lied glücklich macht.

Wenn ihr euch das Lied anhören wollt der Link https://youtu.be/1FYsNZv4ZrYnk lautet:

Hier ist der Text zum Lied:

I never forget
It was only a few years ago you tried to blame me
Girl you did me wrong, you should know that I can’t forget (no)
Foreign is pulled on the side of the highway, we fightin‘ because of a text
I can’t forget, no (no)
Thought you was by my side, that was one big lie
I cannot forget, no
I gotta leave it all behind, pretend that I’m fine (yeah)

Throwin‘ cash tonight (yeah), she gon‘ work for mine (ah)
Please distract my mind and shake it to the side (oh)
Fill up my appetite, she knows she does it right
Rich man poor choice tonight, she band aids on my lies
Yeah, I changed, I cannot stay the same
You love to just complain and never feel my pain
Left me out in the rain (yeah), put my whole name to shame
You still to live in my veins, the high don’t feel the same (no)
You love to play these games, push my buttons insane
You turned into a stain, washed up won’t go away (yeah)
Made me question my faith, almost blew out my brains
Jumped in front of a train, thank God that I was saved

I’ll never forget, facing the left
Turnin‘ all red, face full of sweat (whoa)
Wishin‘ I’m dead
You playin‘ these games, get the fuck out my head
I feel like a mess (yeah)
I’m screaming, I’m thinkin‘ ‚bout the day you left (yeah)
I caught ‚em in bed

Girl, you should know I never forget, no
You pushed me to this side and left me on the curb
You should’ve known that I would never, n-never forget, no
You tried to do me wrong at the lowest part of my life
Girl that’s something that I would never forget

No lie, I miss your smile, your lips
Your house, we laughed, we cried, what changed?
Your mind, to leave my side
I swear I tried, I ran out of town
Watched you leave
You leave
Kill me
Kill me
No, no, no, no

I’ll never forget, night that you left
Caused me distress, wasn’t the best
Sick of the lies, wasn’t the sex
One 69, ain’t talkin‘ ‚bout head
It’s a two way, show me respect
Ain’t about the bread, ain’t about no cheque
All of the time had to invest
Did everything I coulda done
You still left me out here for days
Miss you besides me
But now all I see
You tried to drown me (drown me, baby)
Get the fuck up off me (whoa)
You tried to clown me (whoa)

Tried to call my phone and just forget (brr, hello)
I swear to God and everything I love I always try to just forget (forget it)
I was scared to be alone but baby, I no longer feel afraid, no
Just get up and go outside and face my fears
No longer hide, I just go flex, yeah
I swear they always care when it’s too late
And they find out someone is dead (oh)
And I’ma found someone who love me
As much as I love countin‘ this bread (bread)

That’s a fact (I’ll never forget)
Just know (I’ll never forget)
Ain’t nothing but the truth (I’ll never forget)
You know what it is, we always sayin‘ the same shit that we do
We up out this bitch.